City Flower – Shopping Carnivals. (1)

City Flower – Shopping Carnivals.

Saudi Arabia

City Flower – Shopping Carnivals.

City Flower – Shopping Carnivals.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” — Helen Keller

Living in community is a very significant part of life as man is a social animal. He likes to interact with fellow beings to share ideas and thoughts. Though accurate information about the exact origin of community is not known, it is an accepted fact that we have been living in a community since time immemorial. One has to live in society for his existence and welfare. In almost all aspect of his life he feels the need of society.

The ‘feeling of belonging’ which we get from a community is so much more than just a group of people. It’s the very fabric which holds our perception as a human being.

Even though they may be virtual due to the pandemic, community celebrations are – at their core – all about sharing joyous events and moments with the community. The need to belong – has always been a part of the human condition. And in our current crisis, that need has become even greater and more keenly felt. That’s why community celebrations have taken on a renewed importance.

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the middle east and more than a third of Saudi’s population is made up of expats. In 2021, the expat population is 13.49 million. The expat population in the country is diverse, with various ethnic and linguistic groups from Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

At City Flower, the regions no.1 value retailer we understand and welcome the diversity of this nation and its expat population. The biggest proof of this is the fact that we have staffs from 7 different counties and loyal customer base of all major communities in the region.

Communities & celebrations are at the heart of everything we do at City Flower. This time we are starting a month-long activity of promoting and celebrating four communities across our Hypermarket stores. “City Flower Shopping Carnivals” is our way to celebrate each community in their own way. Curated and planned by staffs and partners from the community this carnival is sure to connect the community in one way or the other. Not only you will get to choose your favourite at crazy low prices but also participate and win exciting prices during the promotion. Participate in the instore lucky draw and you could be one of the 12 winners every week. The carnival includes celebrations of – Indian, Pilipino, Bangladesi, & Saudi communities along with celebrations around 91st Saudi National Day.    

Join us in these celebrations of communities at City Flower Hypermarkets – Riyadh, Jubail, Hail & Sakkaka. This month-long promotion will start from 1st September. Follow us on social media to stay updated on latest offers and events.